Michael Plant is studying for a DPhil in Moral Philosophy at the University of Oxford, where he researches the most effective ways for individuals and governments to increase world happiness.

Recently, Michael has featured on BBC1’s The Big Questions, BBC Radio Oxford, talkRadio, and the University of Oxford’s “How to Live a Happy Life” series. He’s written for the New Statesman and the Huffington post and is currently helping Peter Singer write a book on population.

Michael studied at St Andrews for his undergraduate degree in philosophy, where he was awarded a first, and at the London School of Economics for Master’s in philosophy, where he was one mark short of being awarded a distinction, something is definitely not still annoyed about.

In between these two degrees, he worked as a Parliamentary Researcher for Sir Michael Fallon MP. He once wrote a speech on shipping policy with some really good puns. Sadly the speech, and all the puns within it, have now sunk without trace.

Michael is also developing a happiness tracker and trainer app, Hippo, which he grandly describes as “the FitBit for the mind”. He definitely thinks you should download it; unless you don’t want to be happier. Which is totally fine with him.

Michael finds writing in the third person odd.