Here’s a random selection of stuff I’ve done recently.

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The Non-identity Non-problem

Population and Ethics Colloquium, Cumberland Lodge, 25/09/2016

Abstract: Many, if not most, population ethicists abandon the Person-Affecting Restriction (PAR) in response to the Non-Identity Problem (NIDP). I argue we should instead hold onto the PAR and […]

Effective Altruism: How To Do The Most Good

Wotton’s Society, Eton College, 29/09/2016

Alternative title: How To Be A Better Hero Than Batman

How Socrates Can Make You Happier Than Kanye West

Wilderness Festival, 05/08/2016

Michael Plant thinks most of us (including Kanye West, probably) pursue happiness the wrong way and are less happy than we could be. He explains what happiness is, why the evidence shows we’re much worse at […]

Happiness PhD – BBC Radio Oxford Interview

BBC Radio Oxford

SoundCloud links to interview:

Full length (discussion of my depression and then research into happiness)

Last 5 mins (discussion just of research)